Versatile Brand Guides. The foundation to brand integrity

In my last blog I went through the process of designing my brand and ensuring it captured all of the values that I wanted my company to project. I covered the challenges I faced and in the end came up with an identity that I was happy with.

The next step was to bring together a brand guide that will ensure that the all the branded corporate collateral including stationery, presentation templates, website and advertising layouts that all uphold the same look and flavour.

I put together a collection of images (image library) to utilise across all of the collateral. I created a device and pattern which will allow consistency when the item being creating has a need for it. I also chose the fonts and colours that the company will use and an explanation of what, where and how to use all the assets in different scenarios. A clear concise guide has been created and will be upheld and then updated and refreshed when the brand needs it.

Why go to all the trouble of setting up a brand guide? Surely it's not that important!

Over my time I have created quite a few brand guides so it came together quite fast. All looking great and uniquely dD. There would be no mistaking, by any viewer or client who the company is and what they represent. This was the beginning of building my brand integrity which allowed the consumer to identify with and to build a brand experience and relationship.

It is here in this space that brand evolution takes place. Companies and organisations, over time need refreshing and realignment. To do so serves a number of purposes. Not only does it allow the management to engage in the direction of the business but it also gives the staff a purpose and understanding of what the company goals are for the next phase of its business instilling stability and growth. The best way to benchmark the realignment is to refresh and evolve your brand. This is the external refresh from a client and consumer point of view that instills a fresh and contemporary look of a company that is on the move in a positive direction, that has their finger on the pulse of the market and is ready to deliver, quite often reinvigorating the interests of their clients and influencing switchers.

Let's look at Qantas for instance, If you were to wind back time and see where the company was at and the goals it had back when it started, they were quite small and dated in comparison to today. However, as time went by the logo evolved as the technology and company goals evolved signifying change, invigorating the brand and benchmarking the next phase of the company's positive direction.

Companies all over the world have spent copious amounts of time and money on their brand and creating the brand experience that everyone knows and trusts. It is one of the most important assets that a company owns that their market identifies. It represents the company, it's product and it's people and it needs to keep up with the direction and flow of todays ever changing market. Do you know of a brand that needs evolving?

Thanks for reading, I did get a bit off track with talking about the development of my brand guidelines, but I thought that it was important to recognise the fact that brand guidelines are more important that usually thought. It is the foundation of your brand and the beginnings of building your brand integrity and experience not only in the eye of the consumer but also that of the internal teams striving for that common goal. Please share and comment at will. As mentioned before the more interaction for you the reader the more everyone will enjoy this exercise.

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