Thinking outside the norm!

stand out from the clutter

What do I blog about? That was the question that I asked myself once I decided that yes, I'm going to put myself out there, I need to get into this. I could blog about all the services I can provide and all the successes I have had in the past, but that would end up being just another mundane blog that has been done over and over again adding to the clutter of todays blogging world. No, I need to think outside the norm. I need to deliver a blog that is not only interesting but have some interaction. Where people from every facet of business including new startups can be involved by giving suggestions, feedback and comments along the way. I want to give the readers the opportunity to be a part of the experience.

Yes, I am absolutely vulnerable by opening myself in this way but I think it's going to be a great exercise not only for myself but for everyone involved. Together we will go on this journey to build a company from the ground up. Let's do this!

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