Exciting? yes. Scary? yes. Rewarding? Let's wait and see!

Hi Network, Wow the past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Starting up a new business has a lot more involved than originally thought. Just the fact of coming from a Creative Director role to now being responsible for all aspects of the company is a real eye opener. Creating and developing the brand and site etc is fine, no problems but when it comes to building a client base from scratch with minimal budget, I have to say is a challenge and a half.

From scratch? I hear you say. Well to compound the challenge I have restrictions in place from previous employment agreements which don't allow me to contact any of my previous industry network associated with my previous employer of over 18 years, quite a daunting realisation. However, it is what it is......So, I am endeavouring to build everything from scratch.

I have combed the internet and read hours and hours of articles and viewed hundreds podcasts of how to build a company and build a client base to try to educate myself how others have successfully achieved this. I have joined numerous web based groups and organisations and their seems to be one common point that becomes a defining factor to building from scratch and that is blogging and gaining traffic to my website. Wow, blogging, I have to say that this is an area that I have little to no experience.

So sit back and grab your favourite snack and watch as I try to do what seems to be the impossible. I will blog as much as possible and allow you all to witness all the trials and tribulations I go through to build my company from the bottom up. Exciting? yes. Scary? yes. Rewarding? Let's wait and see! Here goes. Stay Tuned!

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