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Grow Your Vision

For over 25 years I have delivered comprehensive graphic design, marketing collateral, promotions, activations, merchandise and strategic creative direction for a variety of businesses, from new start ups to large multi-nationals. Located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, this expertise is now available to you in a consulting and freelance format.


Starting up a new business?

We are branding experts and can provide a start-up brand pack that puts your business on the road to success. 


This pack includes the professional design and development of your new logo, your master brand guide (Brand bible), Business card and stationery design including an email signature.

The Master brand guide is the key ingredient to build a consistent and cohesive "tone of voice" which is integral to building brand recognition and equity. Used to outline all of your branding specifications including your brand hierarchy, specific colours, fonts and brand assets used to give your brand an iconic visual representation.
Asassets like stationery, packaging, marketing collateral and templates etc are developed over time, they too are added to the Master Brand Guide. It's an ever evolving asset that is continually being developed and referred to as your brand grows.

What is the cost of the Start-up pack? For the discounted price of AUD$1800 you can give your brand the best start possible by building a brand that reflects your market positioning and core values cohesively and consistently.

Create lasting impressions with our customised branding solutions.

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